#2 in our 'Meet the Maker' series featuring Emanuele Dubibni From Zwart Plectrums

Meet The Maker

Welcome to our 'Meet the Maker' series of professional woodworker profiles. We're showcasing some of the best 'maker' talent out there including Luthiers, Plectrum makers (yes really, and they're super talented) and furniture makers. And they're all really talented people that care for their health and safety at work, that's why they all use Stealth Mask N100 Dust Masks.

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Emanuele Dubini

Zwart Plectrums

From Monza, in Italy’s industrial north, Emanuele Dubini reminds us that working with natural materials (for Emanuele everything from rare woods to Deer horn is fair game) can and does produce artefacts of unusual beauty. Emanuele, whose company Zwart Plectrums, makes those mysterious little pieces of magic that guitarists use to transfer inspiration to instruments, otherwise known as plectrums. Like lucky charms, they have talismanic properties for musicians and often form a part of the magical triumvirate of mind, instrument and plectrum - Read the full interview here

So, Emanuele, what's the deal with you and Stealth Mask?

Working with materials like this that make very fine dust it’s important to protect my lungs; I’m only a young person and don’t want to harm myself in any way, either now or for the future. 

Stealth Mask reached out to me when they saw I was doing this work and sent me a couple of masks and spare filters. When I started using the mask I realised it was really light and comfortable so I could wear it for many hours as I often spend a long time sanding and smoothing my products. It’s got a great breathing valve that means I can wear goggles to protect my eyes and a really soft, close fitting face seal that’s free from Silicon and Latex so people with allergies don’t have to worry about that.

And I feel safe and confident because I change the filters every twenty eight days to keep the mask working at maximum efficiency. - Stealth N100 Dust and Particle Respirator mask

Tell us a little about Plectrums

Plectrums, or Plectra, have a rich history and are made and used in different countries to pluck the strings of a variety of different  instruments. Plectra used for the Japanese BIWA and Shamisen to the arabic Oud and the Chinese Sanxian share a common intent in string plucking but that’s about as far as it goes, shapes and materials vary wildly including Ukulele Plectra made from felt.

Emanuele has taken a deep dive into this tradition and his practice is informed by a real multi-cultural imperative; using traditional materials from across the globe, including rare woods and animal bone, his plectrums become almost jewel-like in their minimalistic useability. Contact Emanuele here zwartplectrums@outlook.it

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Darren Wright

Maker. Problem solver. Craftsman.

This @stealthmaskofficial is great. Fits my face, even though I have a beard. The air release is at the bottom and I don’t get any fogging of safety glasses like I used to get as the air doesn’t leak out of the top. It’s so comfortable I’ve had it on for about an hour or two with no problems.
This isn’t an ad by the way, I really do think it’s the best mask out there and I’m glad to finally have one that works!

April Armstrong

US Health & Safety activist

Unlike people, all masks are not created equal, and only some, such as the Stealth N100 respirator mask, earn the coveted NIOSH-certification. Respirator masks are the most protective masks available because of their verified superior filters and their tight face seal, achieved by fitting straps over the head or behind the neck. Proper fit and use of NIOSH-certified respirator masks are a primary reason we haven’t seen every doctor and nurse who treated out millions of COVID-positive patients get COVID-19.

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Grainger Guitars

Brothers Darren and Gavin Grainger both come from well established precision engineering backgrounds, covering a comprehensive range of disciplines such as hydraulics, CNC machining,  3D CAD design and motor-sport fabrication. So, it is when you combine this level of expertise with their love of music, and a fascination in particular with the electric guitar, it was perhaps almost inevitable that Grainger Guitars was born.

Grainger Guitars


Inspired by Nahuatl dieties, honoring Mexico's pre-hispanic culture. Stainless Steel frets, ergonomic neck profile, comfortable multiscale scale lengths matched with striking yet ergonomic body designs make for an unparalled guitar playing experience. All of our guitars can be customized to client orders, from wood, electronics, wiring schematics, fret material, finishing, and more.  

XOLO Custom Guitars

Clover & Maple

Hi, my name is Jacquelyn. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and have lived in Alexandria, Virginia since 2014. I was raised by an artist and tradesman and spent my youth helping out with murals and home renovations while also playing every sport imaginable. I've spent the last 10 years working as a product and service designer and held various roles in the music industry prior to this. In the wake of the pandemic, I decided to open my own small woodworking shop to lean into my creative side and focus on family.

Jacquelyn on Instagram
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