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Spend $50+ for FREE shipping to all 50 states


Stealth N100 respirator - light as a feather for all day working

Your Safety

Your safety is our number #1 priority and the Stealth N100 respirator dust face mask ticks all the boxes. With HEPAC filters that stop 99.99% of dust and toxins reaching you you’ll know you’re protected all day.

  • Filters 99.99% of dust and particles
  • Twin HEPAC filters for added protection
  • Replaceable long life filters
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Your Comfort

Working all day in an uncomfortable mask is not what you want. That’s why we’ve developed face fit technology that feels light as a feather letting you work all day in comfort.

  • Moulded face piece for all day comfort
  • Downward facing valve for ultra low breathing resistance
  • Extra soft and ’grippy’ behind the head straps
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Stealth Mask is the #1 choice for Construction, Manufacturing, Welding, Paint Spraying (water based), Automotive, DIY and any other professions seeking the highest level of protection from dust, particles and sprays

  • Filters 99.99% of dust and particles
  • No misting of glasses or goggles
  • Moulded face piece for comfort
  • Ultra low breathing resistance
  • Pre-filter for increased protection
  • Protects against all airborne particles


  • Weight: 135g
  • Assigned Protection Factor: APF20
  • Conforms to EN140:2001 & EN143:2001
  • Product Code – F01.1
  • Shelf Life Mask & Filters: 5 years
  • Certificate: BSI CE2797


  • Face mask body: TPE Medical Grade - Silicone & latex free
  • Mask strap: Nylon-Polyester
  • Mask Valve & Fittings: Silicone / Nylon
  • HEPAC - N100 R D Filter: Synthetic composite / TPE frame
  • HEPAC - Strap Clips: Nylon
  • Packaging: Resealable Polybag

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Stealth Masks offer the highest protection against all airborne particles, oil aerosols & mists with up to 99.999% filtration efficiency


Cutting edge facemask technology including our downward facing exhaust valves preventing misting of goggles & eyewear.


Sleek, unobtrusive designs accommodate visors, helmets, eyewear & hearing protection. Our commuter range is unique in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

As HSE guidelines advise, we recommend that you do a maintenance check on your respirator & change your filters every 28 days, with the first day being when you initially use the facemask. This is if you have worn your mask daily for 8 or more hours. After every use, we recommend wiping down your face piece with an antibacterial or alcohol wipe to keep it clean and fresh.

No, you must not wash the filters. We advise wiping down the facemask and the moulded face piece with an antibacterial wipe after every use and replacing the filters every 28 days – that is if you have used the mask daily for 8 hours or more. See below for links to replacement filters.

You have a choice between purchasing: Standard replacement filters for Stealth N100 Mask, Nuisance-Odour replacement filters for Stealth N100 Mask. Both filters provide the highest filtration efficiency – removing 99.999% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns and above. The 5PK Stealth N100 Nuisance Odour Filter Pairs are specially designed to eliminate nuisance odours through an additional carbon filter layer. This additional filter layer is the only difference between these two filter options.

No they have not been left out. With the mask you have purchased it comes with twin N100 HEPAC pleated filters already fitted. If you lift the grille at the front of the mask you will see them.

Yes absolutely! The Sleek unobtrusive design is to accommodate visors, helmets, spectacles/goggles & other PPE.